Scott Headshot 2013Dr. Scott Viguié ( CEO/ President) holds two doctorate degrees and is an archaeologist, author, actor, attorney, and the creator of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory, a STEM outreach program which explores the concepts found in science fiction and relates them to cutting edge scientific breakthroughs. In addition to scripting and acting in the show he also gives lectures on science found in fiction throughout the year. Scott is the creator of Doctor Geek’s Science Fair which is a traveling show that blends elements of a traditional science fair with a science fiction convention.

As the founder of Brazen Wench Productions, LLC Scott is the producer of several productions. Scott has written the non-fiction book Archaeology in Fiction exploring the tropes of archaeology in the media and how they compare to real archaeology. He has also co-authored the Tex Ravencroft science fiction adventure novels with his wife, Debbie Viguié. In his downtime he is the co-host of The Shadow Proclamation, a Doctor Who podcast. He lives in Florida with his wife, Debbie, and their cat, Schrödinger. Visit Scott online at