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A podcast devoted to spiritual warfare. Learn about personal demons and how dark forces may be trying to stop you from succeeding in life. How do you defeat them? You listen to this podcast!




Latest Episodes

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  • Episode 11 - Keeping Demons From Stealing Joy
    In this installment Debbie talks about the importance of keeping joy in your life
  • Episode 10 - Fighting the Fear Demons Seek to Instill
    Debbie discusses one of the two primary purposes of demons - to instill fear. She also discusses why people need to overcome the fear.
  • Episode 9 - Battlefield Victory: Winning the War Against Satan
    Join us for a brief discussion of Debbie's new book on spiritual warfare.
  • Episode 8 - Helping Others With Demons and Warfare
    Debbie discusses how you can help others who are under spiritual attack.
  • Episode 7 - Why I Am Fighting
    Debbie speaks from the heart about an encounter she had with Satan and why it is she is trying to help others with spiritual warfare.
  • Episode 6 - Fallen Angels
    Debbie discusses fallen angels and what to do if you encounter one.
  • Episode 5 - Created Demons
    Debbie discusses created demons which are responsible for the vast majority of the interactions that people consider demonic. Debbie outlines the differences between the types of attacks they use and gives examples from her own life.
  • Episode 4 - Family Demons
    Join Debbie as she discusses family demons and the basics on getting rid of them.
  • Episode 3 - Personal Demons
    Debbie discusses personal demons including what they are, how they are created, and how to fight them.
  • Episode 2 - What is a Demon?
    In this episode Debbie answers the question "What is a demon?" and discusses the different types of demons that attack people.
  • Episode 1 - Introduction to Spiritual Warfare
    This episode introduces the show host and the basic concept of spiritual warfare including some signs to look for that might indicate demonic oppression.