Doctor Geek’s Season 2 Finale

Doctor Geek Season 2 Episode 15
Doctor Geek Season 2 Episode 15

The season two finale is here, but don’t worry the moment has been prepared for. Amidst Professor Pedantic’s continued efforts to bend the Laboratory of Applied Geekdom to his will, Mister Flask concludes this season’s investigation into bionics. Can Doctor Geek regain command of the lab before all is lost? Note: This broadcast is audio only.

Doctor Geek’s Season 2

Doctor Geek’s Lab In Consideration for a Geekie Award!

Dr. Geek Lab LogoBrazen Wench Productions is proud to announce that our audio science from fiction dramedy, Doctor Geek’s Lab, is under consideration for a Geekie Award.

The Geekie Awards were created by Producer and content creator Kristen Neopak, a self described geek gal who was frustrated that Hollywood lacked an appropriate award show for Geek culture. Established in 2013, the Geekie Awards celebrates geek-genre content, art, games, fashion and more from all over the world.  The 2013/14 shows garned 2 Billion collective media impressions around the world.

Doctor Geek is nominated for the Podcasting Geekie Award.

View Doctor Geek’s entry here!